Turning Us Loose: Episode 2

Turning Us Loose Episode 2

In this episode, the students talk about a variety of topics of their choice. Here are some examples of what you will be hearing about:

  • Information about pet cats.
  • Terry Fox, Canadian hero.
  • A personal book series.
  • The Star of Bethlehem.
  • Information about One Direction and Lady Gaga…and much more!

Length of podcast: 13 minutes

Royalty-free music courtesy of musicalley.com (Love On Time by Wildcard; Hip Hop Mixture by OJO).

Making a Difference: Episode 2

Making a Difference Episode 2

In this episode the students were asked to consider how they could make a difference in a variety of settings. They were encouraged to think deeply and give specific examples. This podcast is the official kick-off to this year’s Making a Difference program. We look forward to sharing our work with you as the year progresses. Length of podcast: 12 minutes.

Royalty free music obtained from musicalley.com (Waiting For Our Time by Bob Dean; Snake With Two Heads by Dr. Chaotica; Jackie Says by The Wolfmen)

Our 2 Cents: Episode 2

O2C Ep 2

In this episode the students had to choose between two school schedules: their current schedule of 9:00-3:15 from Monday to Friday, or a modified schedule of 9:00-5:00 from Monday to Thursday. Most of the students definitely favoured one of the options; have a listen to hear for yourself what they chose.

Length of podcast: 6-7 minutes

Royalty-free music used in this episode from musicalley.com: Love On Time (Wildcard), Shake This Feeling (The Liquid Vapours), Leave It Behind (Kurveball), and The Movie Universe (Anthony Walker)

Season 5: Making a Difference Episode 1

Making a Difference Episode 1

In our first Making a Difference episode of a new school year we discuss our plans to help the Algoma Residential Community Hospice (ARCH). At this point we are just underway in both our fundraising endeavours and our overall awareness of the importance of the A.R.C.H to our community. We look forward to learning more about A.R.C.H. and sharing what we learn with you. Stay tuned for much more in future Making a Difference episodes!

Length of Podcast: 6 minutes

All music used is royalty free courtesy of Music Alley.com (Sharif – Do I Want You Enough, Jana Mashonee – Chameleon, Fifty Nine Violets – Satellite, Anthony Walker – The Movie Universe)

Season 4: Episode 5

Season 4 Episode 5

This episode contains a variety of fictional and real-life news items. You will hear about our in-school floor hockey league, and you will also be able to listen to stories that are a mixture of narrative form and interview style. Some examples are:

  • Healthy chocolate bar
  • Wizards
  • A new planet?
  • Websites that shouldn’t be blocked

Plus many others! (This episode is 10 minutes in length)

Royalty-Free music used in this episode: Imaginary Girl (The Liquid Vapours), Grifter (SwampVoodoo), I’ll Run (Leslie Cours Mather), World Goes Round (Johnny Reade), Face Behind the Wall (The Fins), Story of My Life (Joe Colledge)

Season 4: Episode 4 (Our 2 Cents)

Season 4 Episode 4 (Our 2 Cents)

Many of the students have been asking me to consider allowing them to have a class pet. I’m not sold on the idea, as a matter of fact my initial answer was “No, absolutely not!” In this episode they try to get me to reconsider this issue. Stay tuned to find out if they were successful! Length of podcast: 5 minutes

Music used in this episode: Who are You (The Fins), Imaginary Girl, Shake this Feeling, and My Baby (The Liquid Vapours)

Season 4: Episode 3

Season 4 Episode 3

This is basically a variety show podcast in which the students were given freedom to write about a topic of their choice. This episode’s content includes:

Money (Hailey), What About Me (Sammy), Princess and the Frog (Sierra, Krystyna, Brianna), Kirby (Nathanial), How Halloween was Made (Kieryn), The Unknown Ghost (Aaron, Nathanial, Cassy), Horses (Chelsey), White Sturgeon/How to Clean a Partridge (Mitchell, Justin), How to Tame an Alligator (Olivia, Bailey, Kayla), Lost Girl and the Beautiful Stallion (Ayse, Chelsey). Length of Episode: 10 minutes

Music used in this episode: Cities (The Rebirth Station), Walk Away (The Bolts), AI (Cory Frey), Another Day Passes (More Human Than Human), World Goes Round (Johnny Reade), Grifter (Swamp Voodoo), Story of My Life (Joe Colledge)

Season 4: Episode 2 (Terry Fox Tribute)

Terry Fox Podcast

In this episode the students were challenged to answer the following question: Why is it so important to continue to honour Terry Fox almost 30 years after he ran in his Marathon of Hope? This same question was posed to last year’s students during season 3 of MPRadio. Length of podcast: 5 minutes.

Music used in this episode: So Much Stronger Now, At All Costs, and What Has Been (all songs by John DeGrazio)