Season 4 Episode 5

This episode contains a variety of fictional and real-life news items. You will hear about our in-school floor hockey league, and you will also be able to listen to stories that are a mixture of narrative form and interview style. Some examples are:

  • Healthy chocolate bar
  • Wizards
  • A new planet?
  • Websites that shouldn’t be blocked

Plus many others! (This episode is 10 minutes in length)

Royalty-Free music used in this episode: Imaginary Girl (The Liquid Vapours), Grifter (SwampVoodoo), I’ll Run (Leslie Cours Mather), World Goes Round (Johnny Reade), Face Behind the Wall (The Fins), Story of My Life (Joe Colledge)

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  1. johnny reade says:

    Thank you for using my song.

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